Weekly Menu #2

With everything going on my blog that was supposed to be “recipe/organization/DIY” centered has somehow developed into a picture version of my planner.

In a lame attempt to bring it back to it’s (nonexistent) roots, I wanted to post some of my favorite recipes lately.

Considering I work a 50 hour work week and my husband works closer to a 90 hour work week, food is not something we have a lot of time to wait around for.  In my attempts to not have us eating out 6 times a week, I have devised a little plan.

On Saturday mornings I sit down with my pumpkin spice tea and sort through my Pintrest boards and recipe binders to create a great menu for the week.  Something always comes up (business meetings, dinner at mom and dad’s house, etc.) so I have learned that creating 3 weeknight dinners is ideal.  I try to have the ingredients be similar so my shopping list isn’t super offense… but who are we kidding… that rarely works out.

Some surprisingly easy meals that can be whipped up after work are listed below:

– Thai Beef Tacos: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/02/thai-beef-tacos/

(marinate meat the night before or before you head to work)

– Banh Mi Sandwich: http://www.foodpeoplewant.com/banh-mi-sandwich/

(instead of the chicken, I make these cilantro turkey meatballs: http://www.sarahlearns.com/cilantro-turkey-meatballs-in-a-sweet-orange-glaze-spa-giveaway/)

– Lemon Chicken with Garlic Noodles (I only have these in hard copy… but I need to post these asap… they are THAT good!)

Bon Appetit!


One thought on “Weekly Menu #2

  1. sarah says:

    i’m glad you enjoy the turkey meatballs! one of my favorite recipes. 🙂

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