I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Each year my family goes to SF for a weekend of holiday shopping… this year we had our own personal tour guide (my sister recently moved to the city) and got the “locals” approach to SF during the holidays.

Some highlights included:

Scalas for lunch (we go every year)… had to get the lemon raviolis

– Drinks at the Clock Bar at the Westin SF (I highly recommend the Gene Persimmons 🙂

– Dinner Round 1 – Hops and Hominy… Gin and Jam cocktail and fried chicken… need I say more?!

– Drinks at Lipo – a DIVE bar in the middle of Chinatown that got put on the map after Anthony Bourdain visited them for their Chinese Mai Tai’s… worth a visit!

– Dinner Round 2 – Kokkari (no description needed… if you haven’t been yet… go… as in run there. now.)

– Breakfast at The Grove… lavender lemonade!?

The Corner Store – alcoholic milkshakes and epic burgers… quite the way to end a fabulous feasting weekend

Please excuse my excessive capturing of every beverage I consume… I can’t contain myself.


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