A Little OCD

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So by now my obsession with order and organization is probably relatively obvious. Figuring out the best equation to having a happy, healthy and clean home has been my mission since I’ve became a Mrs. and I think I’ve made some leeway.

I’ve taken the best of everything, from Martha to top organization blogs to Good Housekeeping articles and have put together my own binder of tips and schedules.

1. I’m a magazine addict and I started feeling a little claustrophobic of each monthly edition so I devised a new plan.  When I’m looking at a magazine I rip out a page if I love anything in it – an article, recipe, picture, etc. and after reading through it I file everything into an appropriate file (“read later,” “inspiration,” assorted recipe genre tabs, etc.).  It sounds very un-sexy, but it really has helped not only my organization, but my implementation of all these great ideas we read about every month!

I then created a master “House Binder” where I keep all these great ideas.  My tabs are as follows: Checklists, Menu Planning, Party Planning, Cleaning, Laundry, Holidays, Home, Hair & Beauty, and Fitness.

2. I also created a Master Cleaning Schedule and a Master Cleaning Chart for cleaning each week.  I used to spend all-day Saturday, deep cleaning our house from top to bottom and it really kills your social life when half of your 48 hours off is spent Windexing and vacuuming.  So I made a master chart that gives me “my chores” for the week and I try to do a couple of them in the morning before work, some when I get home and then a little touch-up on the weekends if necessary.  I write in the date once it’s completed and I guess the whole “gold star” thing really worked for me because I feel much better seeing everything I accomplish on paper.

Hopefully these work for you as they did for me 🙂


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