Weekly Menu #6

Our menu for the week: 

Chicken Salsa Verde Tacos

– SO easy (4 ingredients… HELLO!?) and so yummy considering you spend about 5 minutes total doing anything to directly prep for this meal – I LOVE CROCKPOTS!  Make this (and sprinkle cotija cheese, cilantro and whatever other goodies float your boat). 



Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple, Brown Rice and Broccoli

– With Hawaii on the mind I had to indulge in some Island Teriyaki.  I just marinated boneless, skinless tenders for the day and then made a stir fry with pineapple, broccoli and served over brown rice.  


Chicken Tequila Penne

– My favorite entree from Willow Street, I found a similar version that I love to make.  For the sake of grocery shopping I usually do just 1 red and 1 yellow pepper in the dish and sub penne for fettuccine (personal preference).  Also make sure to add the cilantro right at the end so it still looks green for presentation.   








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