Weekly Menu #10

Spring/Summer brings my favorite produce and I am so excited to start busting out the warm weather meals! Here is what we ate this last week:

Primavera Penne


The perfect “I’m too tired to cook” meal.  It takes 20 minutes to make and you’d have no idea it was a quick dish once you take the first bite!

Enchiladas Suizas


This was such a tasty recipe… the sauce is insane and aside from the chopping/shredding it isn’t super time consuming.  MAKE IT.

Vietnamese Noodle Bowl with Glazed Pork


You can make the dressing and marinade the night before/morning of, and can also prep the veggies before if you’d like.  Then there is no need to worry if it’s another late night at work, because all you will need to do is throw the rice noodles in a pot of hot water for 5 minutes, grill the pork chops, and plate the veggies! Voila!

PS I was seriously proud of every one of these meals.  This is my favorite weekly menu so far… you can’t go wrong with any of these… seriously.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Menu #10

  1. Taylor says:

    Loved the enchi’s…. I only had flour tortillas and did it a bit differently: Make all the fixings, pan heat a tortilla, load it up, and sprinkle with cheese before putting it under a broil for 2 minutes. A bit quicker, and less oil. So bomb though!!

  2. feezor5 says:

    This is so good and easy….So, I ‘m thinking next time I’ll do what Taylor suggested but with corn tortillas. I also am going to make it the original way as well but add enchilada sauce over the top….I’m a saucy kind of girl;)
    Good eats….keep’em coming!

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