Closet Transition

So I am like… a month late, but with Spring here (and the weather reflecting it), I have transitioned my wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer.

Closet Organization

Due to lack of storage, during the winter I store my summer dresses/beach hats/shorts in the attic.  Come the warmer months I swap that bin out for my larger knit sweaters/heavy pants/sweats.  I also put my winter boots in a large container, and store my winter coats on a clothing rack in my garage (work with what ya got).

I also use this time to sort through (keep, donate, trash) my belongings and see if I can find them better homes.


Closet Organization



Fun colored skirts!


Floral prints, linen, and bright colored short sleeve tops!


I was able to move my sweaters out and swim suits in!


I store my flats and hats in a small hanging organizer. I also have a hanging purse organizer that I tucked in the back to store my totes.


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One thought on “Closet Transition

  1. lalovesblog says:

    SO organized! Love it!

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