Bookshelf Decor

I’ve had this bookshelf since college and it still hasn’t let me down.  Here are a few of my tips on decorating it…
Bookshelf Decorating

I bought a leather magazine holder at Pottery Barn and use it to store my favorite editions of magazines.  I also use my bookshelf to store smaller pieces of art and this great butterfly I picked up at Paxton Gate.  If you don’t want to splurge on “art,” head to Papyrus and buy a gorgeous card to frame.  I also love displaying diffusers on a bookshelf.  Candles are tricky because of the whole “flame catching the next shelf on fire”, but diffusers are a great way to incorporate scent (just make sure to not let the oil touch any wood finish!).


I love to store Jeremy and my books on one shelf.  Only here can you find a biography on the Gucci family and an automotive management book next to each other.


We picked up this great piggy bank at Z-Gallerie and use it to hold our spare change/dollars that we have titled “Our Vacation Fund.”  Each year we frivolously spend our savings on a fun adventure or a lavish dinner during our annual trip.


I love bringing nature into as many elements of my home as possible, and as much as I love the idea of changing fresh flowers weekly, I don’t have the funding or time. The best cheat tip? Gumps floral department!  They have the best faux blooms… you pay for them but I can’t tell you how many times people think their arrangements are real in my home.  Check out their line-up here (PS they often have 20% their florals, so if you aren’t in a rush I’d wait for the deal!).


You can’t forget the best part of bookshelves… pictures! Put your favorite moments on display in fun and quirky frames.  Costco is a great place to get photos printed for cheap and they can do them same day if you pick them up (I love Shutterfly too… but it takes a week or so).  I also collect designer coffee table books, and enjoy displaying some of them here.


What do you have on your bookshelf?


I'd love your thoughts!

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