Missing Class

Never in a million years would I thought I would have missed the classroom, but being out of school for 3 years has really reminded me how much I miss  learning.

Since I’ve started this new hobby (blogging), I started from ground zero – no camera experience, no real writing experience (I did when an essay contest in 6th grade though!), and no real idea what I was doing whatsoever.  It is so great to buy books and read up on how to use my camera, or scour the internet for tips on SEO, and I realize how much I miss learning – taking notes, applying knowledge…

So, when I stumbled across Minimalist Baker – an amazing food blog, I was overjoyed to see they had a food photography e-course available.  I’ve been meaning to take a photography class, but with work, life, etc. it can be really hard to get away, and there is something so awesome about learning with your laptop in your cozy bed and a cup of tea. Insert – the joy of an online tutorial!

Their course is broken into 15 sections and contains a ton of great tips on basic camera tips, styling, composition, lighting, etc.  I learned so much and wanted to share it with you… I know this is a very niche class, but there was a ton of great info and for $20?! Check it out – Minimalist Baker Food Photography e-Course!

Image: MinimalistBaker.com

Image: MinimalistBaker.com


2 thoughts on “Missing Class

  1. Kelsey says:

    wait, stop! can we go together!?

  2. come over to my house and we can take it online together! it’s an e-course so you can take it whenever you want… its super informative! you’ll love it!

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