Gin and Jam aka The James Taylor


My sister, Taylor took me to Hops and Hominy and introduced me to the marvelous cocktail Gin and Jam.  Since then she has mastered the cocktail at home and has put her own spin on it, so when her boyfriend’s mom sent her home with some homemade jam she had to share with our family.

Here is the recipe of Taylor’s signature drink – the James Taylor.


Step 1. Gather your ingredients – homemade jam (any flavor), sweet and sour mix (or in our case simple syrup and fresh lime/lemon juice) and gin.

Gin and Jam


Step 2. Fill mason jar with ice.


Step 3.  Add 2 ounces gin to mason jar.


Step 4. Add 1 ounce simply syrup and 1 ounce lime/lemon juice (or 2 ounces sweet and sour mix instead).


Step 5. Add a heaping spoonful of jam.


Step 6. Securely attach lid and shake to combine.


Step 7. Enjoy!

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