It’s Simple…Syrup!

Simple syrup is the easiest and cheapest homemade condiment you can keep on hand.  Instead of buying it for $5 at the store, grab some sugar and water and make your own!


Simply simmer equal parts sugar and water until sugar dissolves and… voila! You’re good to go!

simple syrup

I always keep a bottle on hand in my fridge for easy additions to cocktails, coffee, tea… anything that needs a sweet little kick!

simple syrup


simple syrup


Now HERE is the fun part… INFUSED simple syrups.  As you may now I am OBSESSED with infused alcohol as of late (I just discovered pineapple infused rum with lime juice – it’s like a low-cal Pina Colada!) but simply add a handful of herbs, fruit, zest, etc.  and simmer until the item is infused in the syrup (anywhere from 10-30 minutes).

Strain the syrup and store in a sealed container.  Syrups will last up to 6 months in the fridge!

I made Strawberry, Cilantro and Mint-infused simple syrups (respectively) and am using them over fruit salads, in cocktails and over shaved ice! 161


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