Homemade Oreos


If a 3 year old ever asks to make cookies with you, do NOT let them start looking through your recipe binder because they will most likely pick an involved recipe.  Not that this recipe is super involved – but when dealing with a 3 year old, chocolate chip cookies are a much easier project. .. or so I thought.

Ends up having an extra pair of hands was helpful and despite the fact that I have made these cookies dozens of times, this was by far the most memorable!  And guess what… the clean-up wasn’t even that bad (the perks of a kid into cleaning!).

058 059 064 075 077 083 087 097099

Thank you for all of your help Bryce!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Oreos

  1. cutest. post. ever.

  2. Penny says:

    I LOVE it! Bryce was actually talking about those cookies this morning 🙂 They were delicious!!

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