Wedding Week – Gowns and Garb



The Dress: This could be a post all its own, but I will save you the boring parts and get to the point.  I bought a vintage dress for $300 and took it to the tailor to get the back lowered, straps adjusted, etc.  I basically reworked the dress completely, but for saving so much money in the dress department I figured why not!? Well 2 weeks before I went to my final fitting/pick up my dress and realized the tailor had chopped the hem of the dress, so that it was a couple inches above my ankle! Not a cute look.  As you will learn (or have learned), something is bound to go wrong during the planning process, so if this was “my thing,” so be it.  I hit the web and started frantically searching online.  I had bought a few dresses before the vintage one (ie. via J.Crew, Nordstrom, etc.), so I already knew a few were not going to work.  I had remembered a dress that caught my eye from Nieman’s and low and behold it was 25% off! A sign!  I ordered it (with expedited shipping) and just my luck it fit like a glove (I just had to hem it because I was wearing flats).  The day before our wedding J and I picked up my dress and his suit from the alterations (it still makes me laugh that two people as into fashion as we are, threw together this element of our big day) and off we went!

Whitney's Camera 615

Bridesmaid Dresses: My sisters were my only two bridesmaids, and considering the cost of being in a wedding is high enough as it is I surely didn’t want to ask anymore than I had to.  I had Taylor rent her dress on and I bought Kendall’s dress on  Both were around a $100.  Growing up my sisters and I wore matching outfits, so to honor that, I gifted them Tory Burch sandals (similar) that we all wore the day of (kill two birds with one stone).

Suits: We also used the gifting approach and bought our groomsmen Calvin Klein suits (2 for 1 at Men’s Warehouse).  We wanted to get them something they would wear again, and we love when we see them wearing the “wedding suit” to work 🙂  We also bought everyone fun socks, which were quite the hit.

*Images by John Plus Louise Photography

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