I went into Target yesterday to pick up some string lights for our patio.  The woman at the entrance greeted me and asked if I would like a cart… I declined her offer, because I only was going to need a couple boxes of lights.   Well, I’m sure you all know where this is going… a few minutes in I was already scouring the aisles for a neglected shopping cart (my pride is too much at times sadly).   Fast forward an hour, and I remembered why I only let myself go there a few times a year.  My cart was piled high with so many goodies and I couldn’t wait to get home to give new homes to all of my finds… check out some of the things I scored above like the $25 gold crocodile tray and super cute sandals (please excuse the metallic moment I was having)!
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One thought on “Target

  1. I love it! I bought those same string lights for our balcony.. except then I realized there is no way for me to hang them from the roof of it… Love this!

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