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Peach Ginger Vodka Cocktail

Peach Ginger VodkaThe farmers market had some gorgeous peaches so I grabbed some of my ginger infused syrup, some peaches, some seltzer and got to work!

Peach Cocktail

Peach Ginger Vodka Cocktail: 

  1. Muddle 1/2 a peach in the bottom of your glass.
  2. Add 2 Tablespoons Ginger Simple Syrup.
  3. Muddle 3 mint leaves into mixture.
  4. Add 1 oz vodka (you could also do a light rum).
  5. Fill glass with ice and then top with seltzer.
  6. Stir and enjoy!

Peach Vodka

Ginger Infused Syrup: 

  1. Heat 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water on the stove until sugar has dissolved.
  2.  Turn off heat and add 1 ginger root (peeled and sliced) into the simple syrup mixture and let steep for about 30 minutes.

Peach Ginger Cocktail

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I Can’t Live Without…

Unconditional-Love-Our-Favorite-Beauty-Productsimage via

I wanted to share my favorite beauty products that have stood the test of time and have been in my regimen for years!!! Here we go:

bareMinerals Original Foundation – I think I used liquid foundation once, until my mom turned me onto powder foundation 10 years ago (apparently covering up my hormonal teenage skin with thick make-up wasn’t helping…!?). It goes on flawlessly, has helped my skin overtime and doesn’t come off on my clothes!

bareMinerals Faux Tan – I love a tan more than anyone, but I try to rock a hat and glasses whenever I’m in the sun… thanks to Faux Tan, no one knows!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product – This stuff lives up to the hype… having long hair I am constantly getting the snarrels (sp?) out of my hair… and this does all the work.  I have never done my hair without using it first! Also it’s great to travel with (it also acts as a thermal protectant and volumizer – just to name  couple… so need to lug other products on vacay with you!)

Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner – This is one of the items I would take on an island with me! It is the most insane deep conditioner I have ever tried… I travel with it everywhere!!!

OPI Nail Polish – Although I love a great Shellac manicure, I will continue to love and use OPI nail polishes.  I love the color, quality and durability of these polishes!

Dior Show Mascara – I have tried MANY types of mascara since I started wearing make-up, but for some reason I will always come back to Dior Show.  I love that it doesn’t clump, run, smudge and the smell doesn’t hurt either.  Worth the splurge in my opinion!

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey – I recently started adding a couple other scents to my line-up, but this Jo Malone scent will always be my tried and true, and the one people say “smell’s like me”

What is on your list of favorites!? I’m always look for new things!

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Farm to Fork

Breakfast Tostada

Step 1: Chop Swiss Chard – saute stalk separately from the greens with garlic, salt and olive oil

Assemble 1st layer: Swiss Chard

Assemble 2nd layer: Lentils (rinse canned lentils and warm on the stove or microwave) – you also could use black beans

Step 3: Chop sweet potatoes and saute with chopped onion, garlic and olive oil (add herbs if you wish!)

Sweet Potatoes Assemble 3rd layer: Sweet Potato Mixture

Sweet PotatoAssemble 4th layer: Eggplant (saute chopped eggplant or any other squash you like)

EggplantStep 5: Fry eggs

Assemble 5th layer: Top eggs with chopped heirloom tomatoes and basil

TomatoStep 6: Enjoy!

089The joy of this meal is you can use whatever you have in your fridge/garden/kitchen – an “everything but the kitchen sink” type of meal if you will… get creative!  This is also a great meal to top with your favorite hot sauces… mine being the green Tabasco 🙂


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Weekly Outfit #18

Black Sweatshirt Jeans

Outfit #1: Oh My Chic Sweatshirt, J.Crew Jeans, Prabal for Target Heels, Beaded Statement Necklace

Red Blazer White Pants

Outfit #2: Vince Camuto Blazer (similar), INC Tank, Theory Pants (similar), Nordstrom Sandals (similar)

Pink Blazer Floral Shorts

Outfit #3: H&M Blazer, Banana Republic Tank, J.Crew Shorts, Nordstrom Sandals (similar)

Red Blazer Tan ShortsOutfit #4: Vince Camuto Blazer (similar), J.Crew Long Sleeved Tee, J.Crew Shorts, Bloch Flats, J.Crew Necklace

Poolside Lunch

By now everyone knows my obsession with spending my time by bodies of water… namely my parent’s pool.  I try to bring over food for the fam whenever I swoop their chaise lounges (a rental fee if you will), so quick but tasty meals are key.

I made these Turkey Burgers while my sister whipped up this amazing Orzo Veggie Salad. I pickled the veggies in the morning and added a splash of peach balsamic vinegar over the patties before cooking them (not in the recipe but added a little extra flavor).  J also put some shredded white cheddar on them which didn’t hurt either.

135Fed and poolside yet again in under 30 minutes!

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