Anniversary Party – Appetizers

30th Anniversary Party 157

Although we did hire a chef for our main meal, we wanted to whip up a few appetizers for when our guests arrive.  When planning an event like this – dishes that you can prep ahead of time are critical.  Also hot dishes are really a challenge to serve at an appropriate temperature, so we went with a fresh, cold dish approach.  Here  is what we served:

Endive with Grapes, Walnuts and Blue Cheese

Endive Walnuts Blue Cheese

Watermelon Bites with Feta and Mint

Watermelon Feta Bites

Marinated Shrimp 

Marinated Shrimp

Crudites with Green Goddess Dip 


 A cheese plate is also another great idea, but we typically over indulge on cheese and never get to eating our meal, so we passed based on our lack of willpower. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Party – Appetizers

  1. Beautiful presentation. The feta and watermelon sound delicious, think I’ll try that before the summer is over!

  2. Julie T says:

    What is the recipe for the marinated shrimp?

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