Quick Tips – Household Edition

Here are some things I’ve researched lately and wanted to share:

1. How do you store your linens and keep them fresh?

  • Wash your sheets and fold them. Insert them into a pillowcase of the matching linen set. 
  • Store in a bedroom or hallway closet (or somewhere dry).
  • For added freshness place a dryer sheet inside as well.

mld106561_0111_bedding1_hdimage via Martha Stewart

2. Do you need to buy a sifter?

  • Save your money and whisk your dry ingredients instead.  It should aerate everything sufficiently. 

whisking-dry-ingredientsimage via Once Upon a Chef

3. How often do you have to replace your cutting board?

  •  1st it’s best to keep one cutting board for meat and one for fruit/veggies (some even suggest a separate board for chicken). The meat boards should be plastic and a bamboo board is fine for produce.
  • It’s a good idea to replace plastic boards once they have deep grooves in them, because it’s a great place to harbor bacteria.
  • I recommend washing your cutting board then sanitizing it in the dishwasher.  Also, it’s very important that your cutting board is 100% before you put it away.

cutting boardimage via Food52

4. How do you keep your hands from getting sticky when rolling cookie dough?

  • I have a couple tips for this – 1. don’t use your hands and use an ice cream scoop like this (it helps to keep measurements the same also!)
  • Wet your hands before working with dough (this is also great for making meatballs or anything that requires you manipulate sticky dough)

Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

image via Ann Street Studio

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