The Happiness Files

J and I got to go away for a few days to our favorite place – Maui!


While we did run into some crummy weather our last couple of days… One can never complain with the sound of waves crashing and a Mai Tai in hand! Here were some of our highlights:

Our view from our favorite burger spot for lunch (we always go to Cheeseburger in Paradise on our way in from the airport)


We have never ate so well on a trip… One of our favorites? Honu Seafood and Pizza (the best cocktail list and an amazing kale salad)


My favorite tropical breakfast… Papaya and macadamia nuts

Merrimans Sunset

Merrimans Pink Sunset

Merrimans Restaurant Sunset

The coolest sunset I’ve ever seen – I’ve never scene a pink mist like that!


The best plane food ever – Leoda’s Fried Brussel Sprout Salad and Coconut Cream Pie… A must go if you’re on the island!


5 thoughts on “The Happiness Files

  1. lalovesblog says:

    That looks like an amazing getaway!! Maui is on my list of places to visit!

  2. Michelle says:

    Go to Mamas fishhouse! It’s on other side of island, best food for sure! Where r u staying?

  3. 1. Obsessed with your hair / dress / necklace in the pic.
    2. Also obsessed with all the other pics too.

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