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Polka Dots and Glitter

IMG_8438Last up in this 3 part series? How to style this dress for 80 degrees and sunny!

IMG_8459California loves air conditioning inside, but we love to spend our time outdoors, so layers will always be critical.  I continue to be obsessed with this military jacket, and love its light feel but ability to warm you up! If you haven’t bought one yet… get on it!

IMG_8443I also love to embrace the dichotomy of super feminine and masculine simultaneously, and feel like glitter sandals with a military jacket does just the trick!


Accessories will always have a place in my heart… some of my staples are incorporated into this look – my GiGi cross body bag and my Chanel sunglasses.

IMG_8457Military Jacket/Dress/Sandals/Bag


I hope you enjoyed the series!IMG_8480

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Date Night Dressing

IMG_9133I love a dress that can go from day to night… and I think it’s safe to say this one fits the bill!

IMG_9135Whether you have a girls night or a hot date, this dress works wonderfully with a motorcycle jacket and strappy heels.


Zara Jacket, Zara Dress, BCBG Heels, J.Crew Bangles

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Layer Dressing


80 degrees one day then rain the next? This weather has been so confusing lately, and I’ve learned layers are key.

IMG_8229This week I am going to show a few ways to wear this Zara dress that I’ve been loving lately.  First weather scenario? 70 and cloudy.


Sweater/Necklace/Dress (as skirt)/Booties/PurseIMG_8223IMG_8206

I love the idea of wearing a dress as a skirt, but find a lot of styles are tough to do so with.  This drop-waisted skirt makes it easy to throw a sweater over and still have some shape.

IMG_8232 IMG_8254I also have been LOVING this giraffe necklace.  I have had it in my shopping cart for months and finally pulled the trigger… I highly recommend J.Crew Factory’s jewelry selection if you ever are looking for inexpensive finds. I also picked this one up and love it!


Booties are another great option for cooler weather… I had some back-up sandals packed in my purse in case the weather changed.  Never hurts to be prepared!


Stay tuned this week for some more ideas on how to style this versatile dress! IMG_8247

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Spring Wish List

Fresh off the Spring Break boat I am on full Spring/Summer mode… here are some things on my wishlist/in my shopping cart right now:

Spring List

Candle/Book/NY Animal Print/Hat/Dress/Carafe/Giraffe Hook/Wallet/Sandals/Flatware


Candle: This is the sent of the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne and it is AMAZING. Do yourself a favor, get this scent and immediately be transported to a sandy beach, palm trees and fruity cocktails (sans calories!).

Book: If anyone read White Girl Problems… Babe Walker’s new book is coming out at the end of April… pre-order now!

NY Animal Print: is having a MEGA sale, so I’m pulling the trigger on this print I’ve been eyeing for some time… if you are thinking of doing a little upgrade on your art collection… NOW is the time! (use code 25EASTER for 25% your order)

Hat: I know these are not new to the scene… but I finally am going to jump aboard the Panama Hat train.

Dress: With everyone posting Cochella outfit ideas, I feel the need to embrace my inner Bohemian with this look.

Carafe: I am the type of person who drinks more water if it is in a pretty glass/container/whatever… so I’m hoping this will help with some hydration in the warm seasons ahead.

Giraffe Hook: Are you kidding? Try to be mad hanging your scarf/purse/whatever on this thing.

Wallet: I’ve been thinking about a wallet upgrade and this one caught my eye.

Sandals: I’m all about Grecian sandals lately and wouldn’t these be perfect with the dress above?!

Flatware: I think I need to splurge on these for some Spring entertaining (Easter brunch anyone!?).

Whats on your Spring Wish List?!

Don’t forget… Save 25% on all orders of art, prints, posters, fine art and more (valid from April 1-April 30, 2014) – Use promo code 25EASTER



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How to Fit Ray-Bans


I love aviator glasses and Ray-Bans are no exception… but I found a few days into owning a pair that they wouldn’t stay on my head!  My Social Media feeds are filled of people running, hiking and playing in them – so how can this be?! Anytime I was reading on the beach, taking a walk with friends or even something as quick as picking up take out, they would be sliding down my face. Not ideal for a $100 pair of sunglasses that are supposed to be protecting your eyes, not your nose.


Luckily my youngest sister swooped in to save the day! Here is her super easy tutorial on how to get those glasses to stay put, without making a trip for a special fitting at the Sunglass Hut.

*Sorry if you don’t own a pair, or do and don’t have this problem… 🙂

1. The gold aviators are the “Before” and the black aviators are the “After.” Notice how the black are tapered inward?

2. Begin by laying your glasses on a flat surface.


3. Hold the arms of your sunglasses with your thumbs facing each other (as in the picture below). Gently push in the earpiece inward.


4. The image below depicts the final product of Step 3. Note that you are bending it slightly in – you just want it to have some more pressure on your temples so it isn’t sliding off your face.


5. Hold the arms of your sunglasses once again, but this time with your thumbs facing downward and parallel to each other (as in image below). Gently bend the earpiece down.


6. This step allows you to bend the earpiece to wrap around your ear more as to prevent any movement.


7. Tweak the arms according to your ear placement, face structure, etc., but you should be good to go in under 5 minutes!

6. Now the “Before” and “After” match!

IMG_8987Do you have any sunglass care tips?

IMG_0667My favorite pairs in my closet right now are these, these and these.


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