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4th of July

4th of July

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The LIL Store

I am working on “leaning” out my closet this year and found a few pieces that I haven’t got around to wearing.  I finally tried my hand at eBay, and wanted to share some of my items with you all (in case anyone is in a little online shopping mood today!).

Elie Tahari Black Suede Heels



Rachel Roy Dress


Black Coach Handbag


Trouve Blouse


Feel free to reach out to me here if you are interested… or click the links for more information on fabric/fits/etc.!

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Black Out

Neutral Outfit

I love taking a predictable outfit (my typical all black) and giving it some fun pops – strappy sandals, a leopard belt, a rich colored coat…  this look is also the perfect transitional outfit – great for taking from the office straight to dinner!

Camel Colored Coat

All Black Outfit

My mom gifted me these Banana Republic jeans for Christmas.  They are so comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch, but look great for a business causal look too!

CVR Bridge

United Colors of Benetton Coat, Cashmere Sweater, Banana Republic Jeans, Michael Kors Belt, Zara Sandals, Louis Speedy Bag 

Mom’s Famous Mashed Potatoes

Mom's Famous Mashed Potatoes

My mom makes the BEST mashed potatoes of all time.  So much so, that I don’t eat them anywhere else. Even if they come with my entree at a restaurant, I will take a bite and be bummed that they don’t even compare (think I’m being dramatic? Try them… then we’ll talk :).

Anyway with the holiday season up on us, and with cold weather in FULL swing, I wanted to share some of my mom’s tips on how to create the perfect comfort food – Mashed Potatoes.

Tip 1. Russet potatoes are best for light, fluffy, whipped potatoes. Yukon Gold tend to disenegrate more easily and need to be watched.

Tip 2.  Peel potatoes and cut into 1 inch cubes.  You want all cubes to be uniform in size as to insure even cooking throughout.

Tip 3. After cutting each potato into cubes, make sure to immediately transfer to a pot filled with cold water (DO NOT cut all potatoes THEN put them in water).

Salted Potatoes

Tip 4. Make sure to salt your pot of water (also remember to check your potatoes before salting them at the end of the recipe – more likely than not, they will not need much salting).

Tip 5. Potatoes will be ready to remove for water once you can fully pierce them with a fork.

Tip 6. Never let potatoes cool after draining.  Instantly remove them from water, drain them in a colinder and transfer to a mixing bowl (they will get a bluish hue otherwise).

KitchenAid Mix

Tip 7. You can transfer completed potatoes to a cast iron 13×9 pan, cover in foil and keep warm over low heat until read to serve (you also can heat them in a crock-pot on the warm setting).

Mashed Potatoes

Tip 8. Her standard recipe is found here, but feel free to make substitutions to your liking – namely roasted garlic for garlic mashed potatoes or wasabi powder for wasabi mashed potatoes (GREAT with an asian influenced marinated fish or tofu).

Mashed Potato Ingredients

Do you have any special mashed potato tips?


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